30 mayo, 2013

Hurricane – Jueves 30.05.2013

«Lynne» Five rounds for max reps of: Body weight bench press Pull-ups «Es tan grande el placer que se experimenta al encontrar un hombre agradecido que vale la pena arriesgarse a hacer un ingrato.» Séneca
10 diciembre, 2020

WOD – Jueves 10.12.2020

WOD – Jueves 10.12.2020 “Lynne” Bench press (Peso corporal – kgs) Pull-ups 5 rounds for max reps There isn’t a defined rest period between rounds, but it is recommended to keep a consistent rest period throughout the workout. If you’re […]
26 agosto, 2021

WOD – Jueves 26.08.2021

WOD – Jueves 26.08.2021 «Lynne» As many repetitions as possible in 5 rounds of: Max. Bench Press (Bodyweight) Max. Pull-ups (Unbroken) Rest as you need then 3 x 400m. Run Rest 2′ between set «Uno es dueño de lo que […]